Friday, August 15, 2008

Waiting game

This weekend could be very busy or very laid back?? My best friend Hannah is due TODAY!!! Yes Today people. Man how time has just flown by. She has shown no progress that the baby will arrive today though? SO...we are playing the waiting game once again. She fiqured if she doesn't have him this week they will induce next week sometime. This is a moment I have been waiting for, but so funny looking back on everything and our time has finally came to be mommies..craziness! Aren't we still 18 and wild...NO. Here is her ninth month picture...what a tiny little thing!

Other than that plans are simple this weekend. We will be moving my sister in law and maybe enjoy the pool. With the weather cooling down we might not have much more time for the pool.

We are coming so close to our first anniversary too.....I still need ideas?? I have been going crazy b/c I am such a planner and I can't think of anything for our first ann. HELP!!!!

Also on my plate for the next few months...A couple of my best friends are getting married in is creeping up fast!!!

Throw my parents an ann. party in November! Has anyone ever done this? Its their 30th and I need ideas? november I will be insane with all the events, but I wouldnt' have it any other way.

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Hannah said...

Look how little I am, you say? Hahaha...You're too too sweet!!! I can't believe it's actually going to happen Thursday! I'll need you to come calm my nerves!!!!