Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New House for 4....sometimes 5

New house for 4......sometimes 5!!! Not me silly...my sister in law and niece and nephews found the house they will be living in for the next year. With my brother out of town we have all pitched in and have been looking for a house for the 4 of them to rent to Cape Girardeau. Kraig will be visiting as much as possible of course but it is a great house for the kids and a perfect location for Jin. We are so excited she will be having a permant residence so close to us. It takes me 4 minutes to get to the new house from work, so plenty of lunch breaks at the new house for me :) We couldn't be happier to have them here around us. I enjoy seeing my niece and nephew as much as I want, and I love having my sister in law around to talk to and spend time with. So Jin if you are reading this....don't ever move off again...I have to have a sister close by to spend time with and gossip with!!! Here is a couple pictures of the new house before it becomes a home

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