Thursday, August 21, 2008

House Bio

Here is what I promised you!!! My house bio room by room...where is yours? Here is our living room. When I met Nathan his house we decorated in wildlife.....the WHOLE house! Living room, bedroom, baths, kitchen. So when we got married I had a lot of redecorating to do. Although, I left the wildlife in the living room and just spiced it up some. I got three rooms he got one, I thought the trade was fair. Besides...his hunting doesn't bother me and it goes good in the living area.
Moving on to the kitchen. I chose black/white and lime green b/c I am in love with the colors. This room was changed not too long ago so it still needs some work :) The shelf that is in the corner is dated back to like 1800's. It was ripped out of an old farm house on our land when they tore the house down and I couldn't live without! SEE the blank wall by the shelf...still looking for the perfect piece..any ideas?
We have limited counter space so the counters are full!!! I can only dream of a big kitchen some day soon
Here is the half bath...simple for sure! The walls will be painted choc. brown soon but again everything takes time. Chocolate and white are the colors.
On to the master bedroom. This room stays a working progress all the time. It still gets things added to it and taken away. I wanted something not so this fits me and Nate both.

Dark Cherry Furniture I love, but it is soooo hard to keep clean! On to the master bath...we wanted it to tye into the bedroom so red/brown/black is our choice here too! We still need to paint the bathroom the same tan color as the bedroom, will get done! Did I mention I hate painting it was! We have two spare bedrooms, but one is a work-out room for now and the other one is the hunting room with all Nate's camo and guns....I didn't think you cared to see those. We aren't doing any changing to those b/c those are the babies rooms we call them for when we have kids to put there. I see no reason to change them now and then change them right back when we have children. So come one...let me in your house


April said...

I Love it! I am working on my pics but I think mine will be more before/after of the work cuz I am still trying to decorate and organize. Right now my walls are pretty bare.

Nicole said...

You've been in my house. It's awful right now. Pet hair coats every surface, Marty and his habit of throwing hay, food pellets and poop out of his cage and Lil' Bit's junk is slowly taking over the house and that fact that I haven't actually cleaned the house in two weeks is keeping me from posting it.

Although maybe if I do a picture series showcasing the transformation of a house being buried under a pile of pet hair, dust and toys to a sparkling home of clean and organized perfection, that could motivate me.

Freckles Chick said...

I am in love with that b&w damask table runner! Where did you get it?