Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paper or clocks?

First year Anniversary gifts are supposed to be paper or clocks? How boring! Well the clock is out b/c Nate got a super nice watch on our wedding day from me! So I have paper to work with..... I was googling yesterday and found a couple ideas but none of them are just great! The first one is to name a star after him. I have seen this done many of times by family and friends but I am not sure what Nathan would think of a star being named after him??
The second gift is not really a gift at all but I really like the idea. I wont buy one of these but make it myself. This gift is a jar of love notes, sayings, words etc. I will write out 365 loving thoughts, idea or reasons and put them in a jar. I can leave these by the bed and everday he can pull one out and read it and understand why I love him so much. Awww...I know :) I thought this was a clever idea and it is PAPER!!! I will make it more manlyish than this one pictured and I better get started now b/c 365 words is gonna take a while.
Another idea isn't really a gift either but something I want to do. I am going to order cookies from a local bakery that spell out Happy One Year or something clever. This is just a little something I can have laying out for him when he gets home. I have a feeling that his gift wont have anything to do with Paper or Clocks so I need these small favors to really make it feel like our ONE year and not just another gift

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Anonymous said...

Another idea I've heard for paper is tickets to a concert or ballgame!