Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I am starting a new tradition...hopefully it will turn out great enough for a tradition. I am hosting my first Christmas ornament exchange on Sunday after December 7th. Some of the family thought of the idea, and since I love hosting parties I knew I would have it. I am totally new to all of this so I might need some ideas of yours..ok ok.

First thing is first....I will be decorating my house for the next couple of weeks. I am dragging out all my decorations and I hope to be totally done after Thanksgiving. These means the inside and out. I want all my decor done long before th party

Second..the food?? I am unsure to make a big pot of chili with plenty of sweets or appetizers and sweets. There are so many ideas but not sure what people will want at the party. It will start around 3 and end whenever the last person leaves. This means it can run into dinner time. I was thinking Chili with all the fixens, some vegetable pizza for appetizers, some chips and dip, and plenty of this too much?

Third..plenty of Christmas music in the background. I have some of my favorite I will be playing

Fourth....I purchased a second smaller tree to hang all the ornaments. Not really sure how this all works but I want my tree on display so we don't get the ornaments mixed up. So I suppose everyone will place the ornaments on the small tree (just for this party)and we will choose off that tree. I am guessing we will draw numbers for ornaments. This is still a bit fuzzy so I need yoru suggestions?

Fifth.....the drinks. Wine, coffee, and whatever else we can come up with. I know the sister is supposed to make some festive drinks but I will need a couple more ideas. Any christmas drinks out there??

I will pick out some pics tomorrow of ideas I have, but for right now I need some feed back. Come on...I know all of you creative people out there.


Anonymous said...

Fun! I'm going to an ornament exchange this year and I'm really excited about it.

#1 - I love chili bars! Great idea. And I think that you plan sounds like the right amount of food. There's the chili and the dessert to make up the "meal" and then veggie pizza and chips and dip for a bit of grazing. Sounds fab to me!

#2 - I like your exchange plan. Separate tree, hang your ornament, draw a number, pick an ornament. You could maybe do a prize for the person who brings the favorite/most creative/most unique ornament.

#3 - My fave alcoholic Christmas drink is mulled wine. Non-alcoholic, I love mulled cider. Williams Sonoma has great mulling spices, so check them out. And when I was at Target last time, they had some too.

Have fun...I can't wait to see pictures!

Kim & Ryan said...

That sounds so fun. You are making me feel inspired to try it.

I think the chili idea is a great idea. Perfect and simple for a group. I've been itching to have a party just so I can do a chili bar.

I think that a hot cocoa bar would also be a lot of fun. We did one for our Dec. wedding and it was a hit. We had various creamers in glass jars, made peppermint stir sticks covered in dark and white chocolate, marshmallows, whipped topping and sprinkles.

Everything else you suggested sounds perfect. Love the small tree idea. I would probably just draw names and let the person choose an ornament. Then go to the next. It would also be fun to allow "Stealing" - if the person chosen wants another person's ornament that they chose, they can steal it. Then that person picks another off the tree.

I'm really thinking I'd also like to try this.... I'm not sure that it will happen this year, though. Good luck and great idea.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Horray for Christmas decorations! So fun. I can't wait to drag all mine out.