Monday, November 10, 2008

My Adventures in babysitting

As you know, this weekend Nate and I got the privelage of keeping Cooper all weeknd. I picked him up on Friday afternoon and we did some serious shopping. Ok , not serious at all. I picked up some things for him at Target and picked up some light groceries. It was soooo chilly on Friday night that we ordered in food instead of dragging him out in the wind ...burrrrr.

Saturday we were up early ( it was actually nice for once because I got plenty of stuff done before 8:30). Then we headed to visit Great grandma and grandpa. They were happy to visit with him and spoil him.

Saturday came with a sad loss brothers dog was put to sleep. We had no choice in the matter and it had to be done. Tyrus was his name and he was 8 years old. Ever since my brother left the military 5 years ago Tyrus has been living with my mom. He was such a great dog and lived a great life. He will be sadly missed by all....I shed some tears for him on Saturday!!!

Back to happier times, Sunday we took Cooper to church early. It was fun getting him all dressed up in his big boy jeans and taking him with us. He is such a character these days. Always laughing and smiling and really keeping us entertained!!!! We enjoyed him so much. We actually will have him tonight again. One more night before his mom comes home to see him!!! Tomorrow is Veternans day, a holiday for us, and since I am off I get to spend the day with Cooper, and wait for everyone to arrive home :)

I will return on will be nice to have a break on a Tuesday!

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Sweet Simplicity said...

I bet you guys are having so much fun! He is such a little cutie. Oh those cheeks!!