Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thankfullness

As my last day of work this is probally my last post. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. Also my family is all in so watch out, we will be having a crazy time together for the next 4 days! But I think its important to post why I am so Thankful!

1. Nate- my soul mate, my best friend, the reason I laugh everyday. He is for sure my shoulder to lean on and my clown. Everyone always ask how married life is...well its get better everyday as we learn and experience new things

2. The rents- My parents, as they celebrate their thirty years together I am so thankful to still have them together and healthy. The did such a great job with all of us kids and they are truely the back bone of our family

3. My siblings- We are so goofy and have so much fun together. I am Thankful for our closeness and togetherness through all these years. They truely are my happiness

4. Nieces and Nephews- Wow, I never knew I could love someone else's kids so much, but my heart runeth over for these little ones

5. My inlaws-They are so caring and giving. They would do anything for us and we love to do things with them

6. My friends- These people should be right up there with family, without them I am not who I am!!!!

7. I have to stop sometime, so these all get thrown in together.......Turkey dressing, pumpkin pie and sweet pot. I am so ready to eat all this great stuff and be so thankful that my belly is full!!!!

Nate and I will start at my parents house who host our big family Thanksgiving then over the hills and through the woods to his grandma's house. We are soooo lucky our family lives so close so we can visit with everyone! This means twice the food...yummm:) Then friday up early on Friday (around 4) to catch all the good bargains.

Happy Thanksgiving..what are you thankful for?

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Lindsey said...

Great list! Have a wonderful holiday!