Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My first!

I have never been tagged...can you believe it?? I know...me so blog popular (this is a joke) have never been tagged till now. Thanks Newlywoodards, I appreaciate the tag. I am supposed to tell you 7 random things, which is odd b/c I feel like my whole blog is sheets of randomness. But anyways..here we go!

1. I can't stand to be cuddled, touched or so much as breathed on at night. I know, I should want to cuddle up with my husband b/c thats what girls always want, Well I am not that kinda girl. I want my own covers and I like my own space. This goes as far as lying on the couch as well. Just don't touch me and we are all happy

2. I am very outspoken and this can get me in trouble a lot. I dont' know when to hold back and when to speak my mind. Sometimes this is a great quailty and other times it gets me in trouble. I get this trait from my daddy. My mother is very reserved and never speaks out, my father on the other hand seems to be more real. When someone hurts my feelings, or causes someone I love pain I tend to tell them about. I speak about what values I hold dearly, politics or anything that can lead to discussion. I love a heated disucussion over religoin or politics....I love to argue and I love to speak my mind. But I am doing better...I have learned to control my tounge b/c my husband says I should do better!!!!

3. I am scared of my own shadow. I live in the country now and I wont go outside after dark unless Nate is with me. I know...grow up...if Nate is away for work, I stay at my mom's.

4. I am never completely happy with the way my hair is. The color the cut..doesn't matter, I am never happy. I often compare my hair with other peoples and think what is wrong with mine. I want to die my hair dark all the time but never do. I was born a blonde and I guess will always stay a blonde but envy all the burnetts out there

5. I don't function in the mornings at all....dont' talk to me or call me too early b/c I will be oscar or have no idea what we talked about. I dont' do well until I have my caffeine in me. On my way to work I fill my coffee cup and have my down time and I am great after 8!

6. I get a giggly feeling all inside me when I get comments on my blog. This comes from me loving people...really...I know I speak my mind but I love making new friends. You can never have enough girls who understand you.

7. I only make my bed when company is coming over. The husband doesn't care if its made so why should I? I know, I try to do better but I just can't get myself to make it.

Ok, I know these are far from funny or even anything slightly attention grabbing but they are random and thats what I was supposed to do. And I am supposed to tage 7 people so here we go:

Three Ladies and a Dad



Lindsey...you may have just done this??

Glamorous Housewife.....pretty sure you have been tagged already!



Thanks for doing this gals!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Thanks for tagging me! I did something similar to this not too long ago, so I will not bore everyone with more random facts. Plus I have a hard time coming up with stuff!
I don't like to touch when I am sleeping. There is an invisible line in our bed! And you shouldn't dye your hair dark! I am always jealous of blonde hair!

Nicole said...

You have been tagged before.

I tagged you for this in your comments section and on my blog way back on October 14th.