Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My dear friends

I saw this here, and thought it was just the idea to blog about. I have been through so much lately that friends have been very important to me. They have helped me, talked to me, drank with me and most importantly made me laugh.

My best friend ever!!!I say the everything friend because Hannah is my everything friend. She is my best friend and will always be.She is the friend who listens and isn't affraid to tell me the truth. When I need to know an honest answer to something she will give it to me, but in that sweet I wont hurt your feelings way. She listens and listens and listens to me.....she knows me from inside out. Everything there is to know she knows (which might be scary). She is always the one to lift my spirits. She can make me laugh and give up anything to be by my side in a heartbeat. She knows when we need a girls day out or just a talk on the phone. I don't get through my days, weeks without her. We have been friends for at least 10 years and it is always fun to relive time with her. We will always be best friends, not a doubt in my mind. She also just started a blog, so check it out!!!!

Carrie, man where do I even start. I have seriously know her since 1st grade. We have been through skating ring birthday parties to bar hopping birthday parties. She is the kindess most geneous person I know. She always has an open ear and always has the postive feed back I need. She is for sure my uplifter. You can't have a negative attitude around this girl because she is always so postive. I thank God for Carrie and although we dont' see each other as much as we would like, everytime she is in town we always make time to have a drink and gossip.

My sister in Law Jin, is the friend that I have never had. We only met 5 or so years ago and we haven't always been like sisters but we made the adjustment. Now, I can't go a week or even a couple days without her. She lives very close to me now, and that is even better. She is an honest friend and the friend that I envy. I envy her with the way she is a great mother, a great wife and a always has a great attitude. She is always honest with me and will listen like nobody else. When I cry she will cry with me or for me. She knows how to have a good time and girl talks with her are the best!!!! I am so happy for it to me my mom, me and my sister Jin all the time!

Jenny and I have had our outs, but one thing about it she is always having fun and up for an adventure. She is the care free friend who is still having the best time of her life. I love when she comes into town because you always know you are going to have a blast doing whatever you do. She is honest and will tell you or anybody else exactly what is on her mind.

Garrett..well he is my best guy friend. I have known him since I was 4. He was the little red headed punk all through grade school and well that has never changed. He will always give me a hard time and pick on me much like a brother, but he always knows when I need just a pat on the back or a call when I am having a rough time. He is brutely honest (aren't most guys) but knows how to have a blast. His wife Linz has always become a part of my life and I cherish her very much. She is fun to do everything with..and is always up for girl parties or dinner dates.

Gina, is my work friend but also so much more. I knew her before I got the job I have now and we were good friends before seeing each other everyday. Now that we get the pleasure of seeing each other all the time we have become great friends. We have been through so much in this last year and its great to have some to come to during the day to vent, cry or even laugh with. You would think working with someone everyday would get old, but it never does. We always find a new subject and always try to make the best out of everything. We even like to have a great time on the weekend after seeing each other everyday. She is my secret keeper!

Distance makes the heart grow founder. My cousin Annah has always been my bestest friend. We grew up as close as sisters and although we are in different areas now we will always be close. We finish each others sentences and often dress the same without knowing. I know we will always be close and when life gets settled for us both we will pick up where we left off

Nothing to explain mom and I have that great bond. I could go on and on but we have an awesome relationship that requires us to talk daily. Basicly she is awesome!

Nate...I am not going to go on and on here either, I wouldn't have married him if he wasn't my best friend. I could write books on this guy, but basicly he is my protector, lover, friend, witness and my life time partner

OK...way too long. So tell me about your friends


Hannah said...

You're my "everything" friend as well!! Thanks for writing such great things about me. I'm that kind of friend for you, because you're that kind of friend for me! You're always the first person I want to talk to when something good or bad happens. I know I can always count on you to be there for me! I can't wait for our girl's night out!!! I love you!!!

Michele said...

This was a great idea for a post! I may have to tackle that one on my blog...