Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh the Joys of being an Aunt!

I hate our family all being spread out, my dad started it. My dad took a job with the company Traylor Bros. (building bridges) around 8 years and has been traveling around the states every since. Then my oldest brother thought he would indulge in the fun and he moved with my dad leaving my sister in law and kids here for us to spoil. Then a couple weeks ago my baby brother took a job with dad moving him across the states too. Yep, all the men are down south working. Well this weekend my mother, sister in law and the two oldest kids will be going for a visit.

Wait you say, I know there is a third kid in their somewhere....Yep cooper (3 months) is staying the weekend with Aunt KK and Uncle Nate.

We are going to have so much fun with this little guy!!!! We can't wait!

Although, I hate to miss a trip :( I am sooooo upset that I wont be going on this 4 day adventure with the family. We have so much dang fun together. I will be calling everyday and they will be rubbing it in on how much fun they are having. BUT, I will have Cooper with me so we will be having just as much fun. I will have to just wait till Thanksgiving, thats the next time I will be with the whole family :) Gosh I miss them.

So have fun mom, sister and kids and Cooper will be in great hands! We have adventures in mind already..and if he is a little spoiled when you get back, dont' blame it on me??

I know he will miss his mommy but I will take plenty of pics!


Alaina said...

Oh, I love watching babies! It is so relaxing to just rock a baby. Something about it...

Have fun!

Alicia said...

Have a great time watching the little one!

I totally agree on the whole shopping relieves stress, but I just don't end up taking things back. I know I should sometimes. :) Good thing I have an understanding husband, even though he will never get why I have so many purse and shoes.

Natalie said...

That is the cutest little hat ... ahhh, I love babies!