Thursday, November 13, 2008

I need .......

....... to give myself a girls day/night out. I need girls around me who make me laugh till I cry, girls how know that my wine glass always need to stay full. I need to be able to gossip with the best of them and just let all my inner feelings out! learn to conserve money better. Lately my money has just been flying out the windows, being spend on stuff I want and not need. deep clean my house..I mean really get organized. I think its the beginning of a winter slump. All spring and summer I am more into cleaning than I am in the winter. wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face. Again, this winter slumb leaves me feeling bumbed some days. My life is not that bad, I have it great actally! finalize my christmas list. I want it all done and wrapped way before the christmas craziness sets in. I am not a last minute person, I need my ducks in a row. make a hair appt. My roots are showing badly and I need that 2 hours of down time. play with my puppy more! trust more, I am having trust issues with a friend and they don't know it really. I feel as if I am giving them all my trust. stop telling you things I need because I could go on and on

Ok this was fun, kind of venting a little but fun! I got it from here. Take a minute and do it, and let me know if you do :)

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Mommy Mo said...

Hi! I'm just following the "I need" trail. I like #1 the best- I need my wine glass filled over and over. It's been a while for me though, I just had a baby. It's nice to meet you!