Monday, August 24, 2009


Those people who have been hounding us to register for baby D...well guess what your wish came true. We registered at Target and Toys R Us this weekend.

Registering could have possible been the hardest, most tiring and time consuming thing I have ever done. People wanting to touch you, give you advise and just plain be rude to you. Lets just start with bottles. I mean how hard can bottles be right. They are just milk distributors. I just went with what my SIL used...Dr. Brown bottles. Then as I was scanning the Dr. Brown box one lady said " OH hunny you don't want will take forever to clean those and when you lose parts it will be horrible" I just smiled and said well I guess I will just learn. Seriously, just buy your bottles and I can buy mine. I have heard several...several mommies say that if you baby is fussy or colic at all Dr. Brown are the ones to use. So by gosh I am going to try them

Then bottle warming. Again, I have known several babies who never had their bottles warmed. I mean temp is just like warming? So I did not register for warming solutions (car warming, night warming..etc) So I am choosing for my own sanity to leave water at room temp and mix formula. Again...I get the " well a warm feeling in his belly will make him sleep". Well..when he is screaming in a restaurant because his bottle isn't warm then I will let them come watch him?

I know all these strangers were just trying to help, but to each their own. I also received the breast feeding lesson. Man I love hearing those. But the way I look at it is I have been sticking a needle in my stomach for 7 months and still have 2 more months of needles. Then after the baby is born I will be sticking myself in the stomach for 6 more weeks. So my choose to not breast feed might be selfish but at some point I just don't want things attached to my body anymore. U feel me? High risk pregnancies are not the easiest and when baby boy comes out I just want to gaze at him and soak him up...and when guest come over to feed him then I can sleep :)

So the adventures in registering are something I will never forget. I hope I am never that person that just throws ideas at random people in the aisle of Target.


Ashley said...

I L-O-V-E-D my Dr. Brown bottles, you shoulda told that lady you could wash bottles. I don't know what parts she was losing? My pediatrician said he wished they would have been invented 20 years ago, he has never had a baby get colic that used them. I think the extra time washing is worth that!

And I never warmed Cam's bottles, and he is fine!

Amy said...

ugh, i am so sick of ppls comments. That is the one part of pregnancy i hate. ppl need to shut their mouths! Seriously!

April said...

I agree with the warming thing. I didnt warm Kacie's either except for every once in a while when she acted like she didnt want to go to sleep but not very often at all. Always always always go with your instict cuz a Mommy knows best!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

So many things to think about when you have a baby-ahh stress!?! No advice here other than enjoying that baby boy when he gets here!

Anonymous said...

Yay for registering!!

And the breastfeeding thing kills me. I'm breastfeeding and I'm happy with my choice, but it's just that...MY choice. I'd never judge someone for not making the same choice. Try not to let stupid comments bother you, although I know that's easier said than done.

Jenny.Lee said...

Don't you just love unsolicited advice.... :(

mrs.leah.maria said...

Baby's, weddings and funerals. People can be so rude!

Jin said...

I was in the gas station buying the boys some bug juice, and this guy went off about how bad it is for my kids and I should just give them vitamin water, at least that way they get SOME vitamins! Not 99% sugar. I'm like dude, my kids are fine, it's a weekend treat, get a haircut.

Even when the kid is born, people are still going to bug you. Or 'advise you'

I got scolded for taking Cooper to the mall when he was first born- in the baby bjorn thing.

Want more unsolicited advice? Register for a sterilizer thing... That way you can sterilize those Dr. Browns without having to run the dishwasher

Lyr said...

I know... this is so stressful. There are so many thing I realized I registered for and NEVER needed. I think they need to give you a guide!

As so the breast feeding thing. I totally GET you and understand you! I had a breast reduction when I was 21 and was unable to produce enough milk. I THINK it was a good thing. You are less tied down if you bottle feed. If that is the decision you make... it's a good one! :)

Lindsey said...

Some people just have no clue, how rude!