Monday, August 10, 2009


This weekend Nate and I planned a small getaway we like to call our "Babymoon". It wasn't a glamorous vacation to a quiet destination, but it was ours and we didnt' care as long as we were gone.

Our first stop on Thursday evening was Tunica, MS. Nate loves to gamble and I even warned him I might have to call 1-800-BETS OFF a couple times on him. Tunica is like a mini vegas and not only can you gamble but you can eat like a KING for days. We did just that.

Did I mention they had an outlet mall?

Next Stop on Friday was Memphis, TN. Our first stop there was Graceland....The Home Of Elvis Presley. It was hot and miserable but we didn't care. The King has a nice place and I wasn't leaving Memphis without seeing.

We ended Friday with a trip down Biehle Street. Now this pregnant women wasn't get caught dead on Biehle street after dark.....(for those who dont' know, Biehle street is a mini New Orleans..drinks, drunks and blues music). We did enjoy the great food and some blues music playing in the background for a while though.

Saturday we shopped till we dropped. Well Nate dropped as soon as we arrived but I made a day of it!
Of Course this little hunter had to have his first Bass Pro Shop attire.

We bought enough Camo to suit up an Army! gap, children's place and so on

The biggest and my favorite purchase of the trip was the moses basket.
Also from the same speciality store...little buckaroo outfit
Some pacies....Camo and Colts of course
And on my front door when I came

It will be his own decision whether he is a Dolphins Fan(like his father) or a Colts fan (like his way cool mother). I swore I wouldn't push a team on him but I am the one carrying him and going to birth him right?

I feel much better after taking the "Babymoon". We finally know what crib we want, what bedding we want and NOW we can jump right on it! I mean it only took us 26 weeks to decide.


Lindsey said...

What a fab idea to go on a babymoon, love it! It looks like you had a blast, yay!!!=)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

A babymoon is such a great idea!!! Love all the loot you scored.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...
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Jin said...

Looks like you guys had a great time...

I love his little basket- It's so much like all the bedding that you liked!

Lyr said...

More people should "Babymoon." Great idea!!! I wish we would have done that more. Oh... and the moses basket... LOVE IT! Where can you get that?!?!

Kim said...

How fun! The hubs has family in Memphis and go down there for Thanksgiving. We even drove to Tunica one year. Super fun!

Kim said...

How fun! The hubs has family in Memphis and go down there for Thanksgiving. We even drove to Tunica one year. Super fun!

Mom to 3 QT's said...

Hey! Looks like you got some really cute things for this little guy. I LOVE the moses basket. I had one for Larissa and everytime I carried her in it...people couldn't believe that there was a REAL baby in it. lol. You'll love it. Good luck, I know you'll be a great mommy!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Yay for your babymoon! Looks like you guys had a great time, always fun to shopping on vacation!

Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

Fun times...loving the basket! I have a list of things I want when we have another one. So cute!