Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New purchases!

This week I have been in buying mode. Maybe its because we have 12 1/2 weeks until baby boy arrives and still NO nursery! Yep thats right. And to make it all worse we will not be working on the nursery this weekend. Good news though..... we will be purchasing all the nursery necessities this weekend. We finally reached an agreement and will be picking up the crib, nursery furniture and bedding this weekend or very very soon. (And by agreement I mean he listened to me finally and I get my way).
So when we arrive back home it will be full nursery swing. Painting and putting together furniture so I can start showing it off. The goal is to be completely finished by the first week of October. I think we can do it!!! I wont show pictures of my ideas yet...its better to wait until the finished product is ready
Last week I dug through what I thought was mounds of clothes for this little guy. I really thought I didnt' need one more piece of clothing. I was wrong....I forget this little guy will probably spit up, up chuck and other things that keep him changed pretty often. I am not discouraged though, more shopping for me.

Since the baby will be born right in the swing of Football Season, he had to be equipped with the right gear.

I purchased this yesterday just so he understand who he is a fan of.
I am also anxiously awaiting this nursery lullaby CD.

A Dave Matthews Band nursery rhyme CD. This baby is a dancing machine already, I can't wait until he hears this CD. I think every baby needs one


Anonymous said...

Colts?? The horror!! Go Broncos!


mrs.leah.maria said...

I love the purchases, but will say I still don't have a nursery lol!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love the CD!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I need to listen to that cd!

Lyr said...

I came across you blog and just wanted to come say Hi and how much I enjoyed it. Are you kidding me that Dave Matthews Band has a nursery rhyme CD!!!! I have GOT to get me that! I look forward to reading more!