Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coming up

Summer has started just like every other summer in the past...BUSY! I think we have plans, events or something to do all the way through August it feels. I wouldn't want it any other way though!!! This weekend Tucker tried out the pool. I have been very nervous about him and water, but he LOVED it! I just knew it would be the longest summer yet if he hated the water.

It helps when you have cute swim attire. Makes the experience so much better :)

What a cutie right?

This Friday Tucker gets tubes put in. I know its a "light" surgery so to speak, but anytime doctors are involved with your baby you are nervous!!!! I pray it all goes smoothly and I pray his little ears NEVER hurt again!! It has been a long 4 months of ear problems and I ready to rid this problem. I am treatin him to cracker barrell afterwards!!!!

Wish us luck


Tiffany said...

So cute! And you're right, it really does help when you have cute swim attire. :)

Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

I cannot believe how much he has grown! I will definitely be praying for you guys this Friday. :)

Amy said...

ah so cute. I want to squeeze him :)

We just took brady too and he LOVE it too! YAY!

I'll be praying for him. No matter what it is simple or not, he is your baby and you will always worry! I'll pray for him!!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

His outfit is so stinkin cute! It helps that he is adorable himself.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

What a handsome guy! Hope the tubes go well...praying for you here.

Alicia said...

You're little man look adorable with his turtle swim gear! Glad he loves the water. Sending prayers your way Friday.