Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The difference between girls and boys

By now everyone knows of the birds and the bees. And if you don't, stop reading my blog because I am too blunt for you
But the REAL difference between girls and boys, woman and men goes much farther than birds and bees.
Example one: I burnt my lip on pizza. Yes its a dumb story, but hot cheese feel on my lip and burnt the hell out of it. So now I have this pretty scar looking scape on my lip. Its very unattractive and very embarrassing. So the difference between and a girl and boy you ask? Ladies will see my lip and look the other way. They might glance and wonder what happened but never would they point on the gross bump on my face. Men... they stare, try to touch the scape and say in the loudest voice ever "HEY what the hell is that growing on your face". They dont get it

Example two: Sometimes there are clean clothes left in the dryer for a couple days, (or weeks when its busy). Don't judge ok. I do the laundry, but sometimes that last load just doesnt' make it to the closet until I need to do more laundry. Girls, when they are looking for a certain shirt will almost always check the dryer for the shirt. Never ask questions about it just do it. Men, wonder around like they are lost in the woods and ask AT least 051351 times if you have seen the faded, holey favorite shirt of theirs. THEN when you tell them its in the dryer they still want you to get it out.

Example three: When you get the mail outta the mail box and are flipping through it...skipping all the bills because you just can't process them yet. Or when you have the paper opened and are reading an article that you are very interested in. Our your favorite show is 1/2 finished on tv and they walk in. Girls: Will wait patiently and ask questions after you are done reading or during commercials. Men, "watcha reading", "What did we get in the mail", "What is this show about", "Can I see that ".

Example four: When you have an enemy, someone who rubs you wrong. Girls, ignore the enemy, Will walk an extra mile to not come in contact with them and talk about them with your friends. (Dont' act like you dont, we are women, if you don't like someone you talk about them) Men, could care less if they exist. If they don't like someone they dont' care. They dont avoid them, they dont even need to talk about them to vent with other guys. They go on about their business and act like that person doesn't exist.
I wish I was a male , just to have this quality!


Alicia said...

I agree it would be nice to not worry about someone we don't even like. What guys do makes sense, if you don't like someone why should they take up even an ounce of your thoughts.

Hope you had a great girl's night out!

Meredith said...

LOL, yes I SO go out of my way to avoid people that I don't like!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

This is hilarious and SO TRUE!

April said...

This is soooo true!!!