Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Night #2

First...Thanks to everyone who is leaving comments. They all help.

Second....I might not have made myself real clear the first time but we are NOT letting Tucker cry himself to sleep. When he is awake in bed he is usually doing a whine or pout more than a cry. And anytime he gets upset or cries hard I always go reassure him I am here and soothe him. Then I leave again and he will whine or cry a little, but never to the fact that he is hurting or being mistreated. So technically I am not doing the CIO method. We are just trying to be consistent, and keep a routine so he knows what time it is and everyone in the house is less stressed!!! I am trying to accomplish for Tucker to enjoy his bed time and sleep time.

Third...Last night he feel asleep before his bottle was even finished in my arms so there was no night struggle at all. When I laid him in his bed, he got comfortable and slept his 11 hours straight again.
So with Tucker sleeping 11 hours straight, happy when he gets up, and farely easy to put down I am wondering why I even worried about this bundle of joy and bedtime??

Also..I have to give props to my daycare..they keep Tucker on a GREAT routine through the day so night time always runs soooo smoothly. Believe me..when he spends the day with grandma and he is all out of his routine, his night time is NOT so pleasant


Emily said...

Sounds like you're doing wonderfully and what is right for you and Tucker! Don't worry too much about the labels. Every family has different needs and I honestly believe that every baby knows it's loved whether its parents run to its ever cry or let it learn to calm itself down. So keep doing what's best for your family, sounds like letting Tucker know you're around but also letting him learn to soothe himself to sleep is working for you!

Amy said...

Your doing a great job, momma! Hang in there, it's rough i know! We had our first IT night the other day, and last night he only got up once. I feel like a new woman, lol! Your right, we are simillar :) I just know that when we were at our worst, and brady was hardly sleeping a month or two ago, people told me to read this or that and do this and that and nothing worked. It was all on his terms and we just went with it! :)

Do you feed him at night? I set a rule that he only can eat once (he's a piggy and wanted to eat 2x for a while and i cut that out!)

I know too much about those grandma's--he spent friday and sat with my mom and took him a day or two to get reajusted. More consistancy during the day=waaaay better night!

By the way, did you check out the post i posted LAST NIGHT???????


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Glad he went to bed on his own and in your arms is even better!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing great!! I definitely think there is a difference between fussing and crying - a lot of babies even need to fuss a bit or talk at night once they've been laid down so they can settle down from their day. Isaac does that sometimes when we lay him down for bed.

I'm glad Tucker is getting the sleeping thing figured out. :)

Hannah said...

Sounds like everything is perfect. Just a bit of a warning though. You really shouldn't say these goods things out loud around Tucker. I swear they listen, and then the next night they won't sleep at all!! Haha :)