Monday, July 14, 2008

Waiting on a baby

Waiting on a baby...just not mine yet!!! My S-I-L should be going into labor anyday. She is dilated to 3 and is very ready. She had Kailee at 34 weeks and she had Liam at 37 weeks and this Wednesday she will be 38 weeks!!! We will start walking every night this week so maybe that baby will be ready to come out. I am super excited to get another nephew and can not wait for him to get here. I carry my camera and a change of clothes in my car at all times just incase he comes while I am already in Cape.

This weekend was very tiring for this ol' pregnant girl!!! With the picnic and work I was very tired yesterday and enjoyed my lazy Sunday. This week is full as well with doctors appts. and such. I will update more later

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