Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hopefully by tomorrow at this time we will be holding a healthy, adorable baby boy!!! We are all so anxious to see him and meet him. I am not sure if his brother and sister realize that their world is going to change soon, but soon enough they will know!

Tonight is the dreaded eye doctor appt. The check-up, contacts, glasses and such. The company that I work for is great about medical insurance, we dont' hardly pay a penny.....but they dont' offer dental or vision. With Nathan have his own business we don't dental or vision insurance there either. It so much harder going to get my eyes checked when I know its all out of pocket :(
Anyways, I am looking into Lasic eye surgery. I fiqure rather than paying close to 400.00 a year or more for my eyes, I can get it all taken care of for at least 20 years with Lasic eye surgery. I am a big chicken though and can't stand the thought of that laser coming at me with my eyes open. If anyone has had it done let me know how they like it??? Any need all postive feed back please!!!!! Maybe this could be my last eye appt.
I wont be blogging tomorrow, but will update with pics as soon as I can of baby Cooper!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya!! Saw your comment on my blog...I've added you to my google reader. ;)

I see you are from Benton - I'm originally from Cape Girardeau!! We're kinda neighbors!