Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Dr. Appt.

Nathan and I woke up very early to make it to our 8:20 appt on Tuesday. We were both very excited and had no idea what was in store for us. Well we might have worked ourselves up a little too much. :) This appt all they needed was family history, a pregnancy test and the nurse talked to us about all the do's and don'ts and gave us a book!!!! It was kinda of disappointing b/c we both expected more. Oh well, I go back next friday the 18th to get all my blood work done and then Monday July 28th I have my first ultrasound already ( Technology is great) and I get to meet Dr. Carnes at that appointment.
So although the first appointment wasn't much, at least we have many more to look forward too!!!! We are so very excited right now and can't wait for this roller coaster of a ride before us!! Everyone keeps asking us what we want for the sex of the baby...well of course we don't care, as long as it is healthy we will be happy with either or. Although, I know Nate would love to have a little boy to be his buddy and as weird as it is I would like to have a little boy first also. I always thought I wanted a little girl, but I just think a boy would be soooo much easier. Also my best friend and my sister in law are both having little boys with in the next couple of months and I would love for them all to grow up together. Besides...I think I would spend so much more money on a little girl than a boy. But with all these factors it really doesnt' matter to us. We are just excited and will be happy with a healthy baby no matter the sex!!!!

Does anybody have any feelings to what it will be??? Well I know I have already gained some weight in my legs and butt. People say that I haven't, but I know I have. I have felt from day 1 that it would be a girl, but just curious to what others think??


Hannah said...

You haven't gained anywhere you nerd! And I think it might be a girl. But I bet that's just because that's what you said you thought..haha! It doesn't matter what you have. Our kids will grow up as best friends regardless!!! Love ya!

Nicole said...

I dunno. I am leaning to you having a girl since Jin and Hannah have the baby boy areas covered. How cute would a mini-me Kara be? Seriously??

And by the way, I love Dr. Carnes. She saved my life. Literally. She kept me outta the ICU and well, alive. You're in good hands with her (and that whole staff!).

Amanda Driskill said...

I knew Andrew was going to be a boy. I carried him real high. Can you tell if your high or low yet???

Amanda Driskill said...

When I was pregnant w/ Andrew I felt he was a boy. I only had a boy named picked out. I did look at all the girl things, but in the way that women window shop. If you have a gut feeling it's a girl it probably is. They also say boys are carried higher than girls. Shawn and I would like to have another baby. It sounds weird but I see myself with three boys.