Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am living it up !

I am still on vacation....thats right, 6 days straight now. Just wanted to tell everyone to have a Happy and Safe July 4th!!!! Are plans for the fourth weekend are laying in the pool, enjoying a little bbq at the Oran 4th of July picnic and shooting fire works with the nieces and nephews. We always find the 4th of July to be relaxing and slow pasted. We have a couple bbq's to attend during the weekend and lots of visiting with family. My whole family will be together over the 4th of July weekend (this is rare since we are so spread out these days, my brother and dad are both coming in for the long weekend) and we will be enjoying each other and the kids before baby Cooper arrives in the next couple of weeks( brother and sister in laws third child).

I can't wait to upload all my pictures from my long relaxed vacation. I will get to those next week sometime :) Have a great long weekend and see ya on Monday

Oh I have my first Dr. Appt. on Tuesday...wooohoo

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