Friday, July 11, 2008

This week flew by

I am not sure if I was so busy at work this week that I didn't notice how fast this week as gone. I am all caught up here from being on vacation now. I also had tons of energy at home this week too ( i guess the vitamins are sitting in). I am usually so tired all the time but this week I was full of energy. I did all our grocery shopping, cleaned the house, all laundry done, baked a cake, made dinner everynight, read my books, did my pregnancy journal...yes I am feeling the pain now. I was so busy this whole week that now all I want to do is time for that though.

Tonight Nathan and I head straight from work to the New Hamburg Picnic. We are always in charge of the petting zoo. Nathan has been working all week getting ready for this event (he is one of the chairman you know) so he has to be just as tired as I am. We will be there all night tonight, I work tomorrow till 12 then we will be there Saturday all night again. It is very tiring but I love seeing people and catching up with everyone. On Sunday I think I will just sleep the whole day ....zzzzz

I hope I can see some of you guys there this weekend:) Bring the kids to the petting zoo!
Have a great weekend!
Also every Wednesday or Thursday I will be posting a blog about the baby and me. I will update on all my new information and when I start showing I will update pics.....Here ya go Alaina


April said...

I know, sorry:) Send me your email addess and then I will send you an invite and then you will be able to see it. My email address is I have to keep it to private.

April said...

Oh and its not just you, this week has FLEW by!! I was thinking it was just me!!!!

Alaina said...

Yay! Pictures of the baby...just for me! You will be amazied (maybe not right away) how much you will change in a weeks times. Just ignore April's comment on my blog! Ha!

Can you tell I love babies?