Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 days left

Last night was a success. I got my laundrey caught up and most of my house cleaned. It makes my week flow so nicely when I know my chorus at home are almost finished. Tonight I will only have to complete the dusting and some small organizing I have on my to -do list. We hope we will have baby news tonight but still nothing going on yet??? Come on already!!!!

A friend of my mom's told me a great story last week about Saint Gerard. Saint Gerard is the Saint for all mothers. He is to watch over and pray for expecting mothers, mothers and children and women who want to be mothers. I know there is always a Saint to pray for, for every occasion and I was waiting on someone to tell me about the Saint to all mothers and children. I have been praying to Saint Gerard since last week and I will ALWAYS continue to pray to him for guidance and help as I get pregnant again and have children in the future. There are always rewarding stories people share after praying to a Saint and I am ready to share mine too b/c I know Nathan and I will be blessed again.

My friend bought me a Saint Gerard pendent and I will wear it on a necklace or bracelet forever I hope. I know stories of people who never take them off and feel safe with Saint Gerard with them. I hope to order several more Saint Gerard pendents for several other mothers I know. I know they say to let your children wear them too so they will always be protected.

Just thought I would share this little inspiration with everyone. No matter what Faith, it doesn't hurt to have a little help in praying to a Saint.

I also have the website if anyone is intersted in ordering any pendents..!!!!

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April said...

Well what is the website??? haha Oh and did you get my invite? I thought I sent it but if not then maybe email me your address at daigger_03@yahoo.com